Music Department

Class Descriptions

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For All Campers

Beginning Instrument

Opportunity for students to be introduced to a different band instrument each day. Woodwinds, brass, and percussion instruments will all be explored.

Beginning Guitar

This is a class designed for students with little to no guitar experience. Learn the basics of holding the guitar, chords, and note reading. Guitars will be provided for use during the class time.

Brass Ensemble

Brass ensemble is an opportunity to play in a group that develops the unique sounds that brass instruments make when they perform together. Brass players only.


Bring your own chess board or use ours to play chess. Or come and learn how!

Drum Circle

Come experience the call and response of hand drums while exploring the rhythms of Africa, Cuba, Brazil, and the Caribbean.

Graphic Arts

Students will learn the basics of creative digital design. Each student should bring some of their own photos in a digital format (i.e., on a flash drive, memory stick, memory card, etc.), or have them accessible online for use during class. 

Fun and Fitness

Students will be involved in different sports and/or physical activities each day.

Jazz Combo

Learn the theory and skill of jazz improvisation in a combo setting.

Jazz Piano

Have fun with new jazz voicings and rhythms in your favorite songs. (Student must have taken two years of piano lessons prior to coming to camp.)

Musical Theater

Raise your “Freak Flag” high as we groove, move, and belt out the son from Shrek the Musical. We’ll work out choreography, staging and ensemble work for a performance at the student recital.

Musicianship 101

Hone your skills as a musician! This class is designed to give you the tools to succeed in any musical situation.

Piano Class

Learn chords, scales, and songs on the piano keyboard in a group setting. For the beginning and less experienced pianist.

Studio Recording

Multi-track recording in the studio using Pro-Tools.


For High School Campers Only


College Orientation

Learn how to prepare for college. Includes explanation of financial aid, scholarships, college applications, residence hall information, etc. Open to Juniors and Seniors. Required for all Senior Scholarship recipients.

Percussion Ensemble

A fun musical ensemble consisting of only percussion instruments. (Percussion experience required.)


Try your hand at writing your own music! Open to high school students only, this class will explore the artistic and creative possibilities of songwriting.


For Junior High School Campers Only



Come try a new trend: Boomwhackers! These pitched, plastic tubes will help students learn the fundamentals of rhythm, harmony, melodies, and ensemble playing in a fun setting.