Faculty & Staff

Deepthi Amarasuriya

Assistant Professor of Physics

Email: Deepthi.Amarasuriya@nwc.edu
Phone: 307-754-6454
Office: SM110

In addition to teaching Physics and Astronomy, Deepthi Amarasuriya also teaches a few Math classes. She is originally from Sri Lanka, and came to the USA to attend college. After getting her undergrad degree in Physics from Purdue, she got Master's degrees in Physics (Idaho State U.) and Math (U. of WY). 

She is interested in different cultures - she is an adviser to the NWC Multicultural Club, and has traveled to Japan, Singapore, and the U.K. She has been playing classical piano since childhood. While working on her Physics graduate degree, she studied piano with Dr.Clive Swansbourne, a British concert pianist who was then in the ISU Music Department.  

Deepthi Amarasuriya photo