Equine Studies major with horseNorthwest College's Equine Studies program offers a comprehensive equine science base, balanced by instruction in riding, training and horse handling skills. It prepares students for employment after graduation or transfer to another college to continue their education.

“When an artist begins to paint a painting, he must first formulate a mental image of the end result. Otherwise, if he started painting with no goal in mind, the painting could become a series of brush strokes. For the same reason a horse trainer must also form a mental image of the end goal he is trying to achieve with his horse; otherwise, like the artist, the end result would be a series of confusing and unrelated movements that do not coordinate to further the training of the horse.”

—Phyllis Cooper
Capital Horseman

Equine Business ManagementAssociate of Applied Science
Equine Care and Basic RidingCertificate
Equine RidingCertificate, Associate of Applied Science
Equine TrainingCertificate, Associate of Applied Science