Equine Riding

Certificate, Associate of Applied Science

The Associate of Applied Science degree in Equine Studies has been designed to meet the sophisticated demands of today's market. It provides basic, practical and theoretical grounds from which students may directly enter their fields of interest. This two-year program has two options that emphasize a practical approach. The Riding or Training options assist students in learning riding, training, and horse-handling skills in addition to related management concepts. It is mandatory that students supply a horse for training. Students completing the program may find employment in riding academies, training stables, summers camps, groom, exercise rider, boarding and stable operator, and wrangler.

These options are based on Western styles of riding and training. With outstanding facilities and limited class sizes, students are able to prepare for placement in the work force upon graduation. Students board their horse(s) right at the facility for a very reasonable charge. This program has competitive entry admission requirements. 

Sample Careers:

  • Stable Manager
  • Riding Instructor
  • Equine Industry Correspondent
  • Professional Trainer

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