Equine Care and Basic Riding


A one-year Equine Care and Basic Riding Certificate is also available for those who don't require an AAS degree. This Certificate is a program designed to promote quality care of the horse and give the student basic riding skills. In their course work, students will cover equine safety, health management, nutrition, equine behavior, tack fitting and basic riding for the safety of the rider and horse. Students will be prepared for a job in such fields as boarding stables operator, riding stable help, wrangler, trail ride guide, groom, sales, breeding farms and farm sitter.

Sample Careers:

  • Boarding Stables Operator
  • Riding Stable Help
  • Wrangler
  • Trail Ride Guide
  • Groom
  • Equine Sales Person
  • Breeding Farms Staff Member
  • Farm Sitter

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Anne Sherwood
Visiting Part-Time Instructor of Equine Studies

Pam Thiel
Assistant Professor of Equine Studies