Our Equine Studies program emphasizes mastering your riding position and application of performance horse training. This is a competitive program where about 40 students are enrolled each year. They are working toward an Associate of Applied Science degree in Equine Studies.

Admission to the Equine Studies program
at Northwest College is a two-part process, involving an application to the college itself and a separate application to the program. Start by sending us an Admissions Application form from your high school, college transcripts or GED. You will need to demonstrate your riding skill by sending a 5-minute video. The video should show you at the walk, trot and lope from both the right and left directions. Check with the NWC Office of Enrollment Services for complete details on the application process.

Admissions Forms

Northwest College:

Equine Department:

It is recommended that applicants have more than basic riding experience. An equine background in a 4-H or breed association youth program is desirable. Students with such a background will benefit most from this program.

Deadline: Early application is encouraged because freshman admissions are limited. Upon acceptance to the Riding and Training Program, you will receive a letter requiring your signature. This letter must be signed and returned with a $100 stall deposit by the deadline in the Acceptance Letter to insure reservation of a spot in the stall barn.

Admissions Office
231 W. 6th Street
Powell, WY 82435-9996
Toll free 1-800-560-4NWC
fax 1-307-754-6700


Marv Sherwood
Equine Center Coordinator