• Amercan Society for Engineering Education — The American Society for Engineering Education is a nonprofit member association, founded in 1893, dedicated to promoting and improving engineering and technology education.

  • Discover Engineering Online — A 1998 poll indicated 61% of adults felt "not very well" or "not at all well" informed about engineering. This web site aims to change that statistic. If you surf your way through this site, you'll know way more about engineers and engineering than most adults. You might even decide that you want to become an engineer.

  • Johns Hopkins Virtual Engineering Laboratory — The objective of the virtual laboratory is to introduce students to experimentation, problem solving, data gathering, and scientific interpretation early in their careers--perhaps as high school seniors or college freshmen. Ordinarily this exposure would be offered to students in their junior or senior year in design lab. (M.Karweit)

  • Junior Engineering Technical Society — JETS is a national non-profit education organization that has served the pre-college engineering community for over 50 years. Through competitions and programs, JETS serves over 30,000 students and 2,000 teachers, and holds programs on 150 college campuses each year. JETS promotes interest in engineering, science, mathematics, and technology, and is dedicated to providing real-world engineering and problem-solving experience to high school students.

  • National Academy of Engineering — The Engineer Girl website is part of the NAE's Celebration of Women in Engineering project. This project tries to bring national attention to the opportunity that engineering represents to all people at any age, but particularly to women and girls. The Celebration is the first of several projects focusing on gender and diversity in the engineering workforce.

  • National Engineering Month of Canada — National Engineering Month is a national celebration of engineering excellence. We?re dedicated to reaching out to young Canadians, to let them know that engineering is an exciting, fun and rewarding career choice.

  • National Society of Professional Engineers — This link takes you to the homepage for the National Society of Professional Engineers. Here you are served with a wealth of knowledge on the latest news in engineering, jobs, surveys, etc

  • Young Engineers Club of Britain — The Young Engineers for Britain competition was an annual initiative of the Engineering and Technology Board and is now run by Young Engineers. It is the biggest event of its kind in Europe. The competition showcases the wealth of innovation and creativity amongst 11 to 19-year-olds in UK schools and colleges.