Challenge Courses

What is a Challenge Course?  Simple answer is that it is a tool used to help foster growth, teamwork, communication, cooperation, and leadership among group members and individuals.  The Low Challenge Course is made of portable props that can be used inside and outside and taken to many locations.  It also consists of elements built that place the participants a short way off the ground, where they can step off the element at any time, but gives the group an additional challenge.

The High Challenge Course consists of elements built up off the ground anywhere from 25-35 feet high.  The high course is designed to allow the individual the chance to face individual fears and limitations, push past these challenges and open new doors and insights for themselves and the group. 

While all activities and elements can be somewhat physically challenging, they are designed to push the individual and group mentally to overcome barriers that are preventing successful teamwork skills and personal barriers that may prevent the individual from accomplishing tasks and goals simply because they feel they are unable.

DELTA trained facilitators use these tools to work with groups to overcome these barriers and obstacles.  The goal is to show the group members what they are able to accomplish with these challenges, and how they can transfer that success back to their everyday lives.

The Northwest College/DELTA Challenge Program offers clients both high ropes course and low ropes course/teambuilding programs.  We are also able to offer programming throughout the year because of our indoor course, and outdoor course.

On campus in Powell, we have 9 high elements inside the Cabre Gym.  The low course on campus consists of 5 elements outside, plus a multitude of portable elements that can be used inside and out or taken to your group.  Located at the A.L. Mickelson Field Station is the new High and Low Challenge Course.

Please view the individual pages to see examples of the courses, and learn more about them.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the DELTA office at 307-754-6115 or



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