Cabre High Challenge Course

Course Description

The High Challenge Course is a set of elements set up off the ground, or involve the participant(s) climbing through an obstacle.  Traditionally, the high course is designed to challenge the individual and help push them past personal and self imposed boundaries.  While the course can continue the team effort, more emphasis is placed on the individual in their attempts to overcome their personal fears and barriers.  The course is designed to challenge the participant both physically and mentally as well as take risks and push themselves outside of their comfort zones in a controlled and safe enviroment.  Participants are belayed by group members as they progress through the course in order to keep them safe, allowing them to challenge themselves in a way they may not otherwise be able to.

The course in Cabre Gym on the NWC Powell campus is composed of nine different elements.  Because it is indoors, the course operates year round with a flexible schedule for planning.  The course includes the following elements:

  • Climbing wall
  • Giants Swing
  • Trapeze Leap
  • Multi-Vine
  • Multi Traverse
  • Cargo Net
  • Vertical Play Pen
  • Tension Traverse
  • Centipede


DELTA Program