Group Application

Below you can download and print a copy of the application for the Challenge Course at either the Northwest College campus, or A.L. Mickelson Field Station.

** All groups/organizations/programs MUST complete the Group Application. Before any group is allowed access to any Northwest College Challenge Course facility, that group/organization/program must have a signed contract as well as completed and signed Medical and Release forms on file with DELTA. **

** All participants/groups MUST have trained and certified facilitators with them. In order to facilitate on a Northwest College Challenge Course, the facilitator (s) must be trained by DELTA, and hold a current certification. Certification trainings will be held annually. A trained and certified facilitator must attend a training course each year to keep a current certification to facilitate on a Northwest College Challenge Course. For more information, contact DELTA at 307.754.6115.**

Please fill the application out completely and mail or fax to:

C/O Keith McCallister
Northwest College
231 W 6th St
Powell, WY 82435

Fax: 1-307-754-6416
Phone: 307.754.6115

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A. L. Mickelson Field Station