Rules and Regulations

Co-Op Member Agreement              Co-Op Semester Bike Member Agreement

Recreation Equipment Co-Op Member Agreement Form.  Each Co-Op member will be required to complete the agreement form once every academic year before you check-out equipment for the first time.

  • Borrowers are responsible for all equipment checked out.  Destruction or excessive wear will be assessed accordingly by Co-Op staff and Co-Op Manager and charged to the student’s NWC account. Some items will require a deposit which will be refundable upon return of the equipment.  Deposits will be reduced or forfeited for late returns or damaged equipment.

  • Any equipment requiring a deposit will require the borrower to complete a deposit form from the Co-Op and take to the NWC Business Office to place the deposit.  The form must then be returned to the Co-Op for the equipment to be checked out.  The deposit may be refunded once the equipment is returned and checked by Co-Op staff or Co-Op Manager. Equipment is generally available for individual use; however group check-outs can be arranged.

  • Check-outs are for one to seven days at a time, except by special arrangements.

  • Some items may require permission from the Co-Op Manager for check out.   Some items will not be available for check out at varying times during the semester due to class use.

  • NWC ID#, Local Address and phone number will be required at time of checkout.

  • EQUIPMENT is to be returned ONLY when there is a Co-Op staff member present to check in the equipment.  

  • DO NOT LEAVE EQUIPMENT OUTSIDE THE COOP, If the equipment is stolen or lost, it will be charged to the Co-Op Members NWC account.

  • DO NOT give or loan equipment to a different person to use or return for you.  The borrower who the equipment is checked out o MUST return the equipment themselves.

  • Equipment that is returned when a Co-Op staff member is not present will result in a $5.00 charge placed on your NWC account.

  • Equipment that is returned dirty and/or wet will result in a $5.00 cleaning fee being charged to your NWC account.Whitewater kayaks will only be checked out to students who have taken the PEAC/OEAC 1285 Beginning Kayaking/Whitewater Kayaking course or an equivalent course taught by Gradient Mountain Sports or another instructional program.  Co-Op member but present proof course completion.

  • The Recreation Equipment Co-Op staff are not responsible for loading or transporting equipment that is checked out or being returned.  The borrower is solely responsble for the correct and safe loading, unloading and trasportation of equipment.  The Recreation Equipment Co-Op does not check out bike or boat racks for vehicles or trailers.  

I have read and understand the rules and regulations of the Recreation Equipment Co-Op and agree to abide by the rules listed above.  Any failure to abide by or meet these rules and regulations will result in a fine place on my NWC account.

Release Statement

I agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the Recreation Equipment Co-Op and to return the above listed equipment in satisfactory condition on or before the date it is due. In consideration of the right to borrow Northwest College equipment, I assume all risks associated with the use of this equipment and will hold NWC harmless from any and all liability, actions, causes of actions, debts, claims, and demands of every kind and nature in connection with my use of Northwest College Equipment.

The terms hereof shall serve as an "Release and Assumption of Risk and Release of Liability Waiver" for myself, my heirs, executors, and administrators and for all members of my family including minors.


Keith McCallister
Assistant Professor of Health, Outdoor, and Physical Education; Director of the DELTA Program