Equipment Available

The Recreation Equipment CO-OP located in the Fab Annex and is home to both outdoor and P.E./recreational equipment available to all students, faculty and staff. Select from the two categories below to view our list of currently available equipment:

*** For liability reasons kayaks will be checked out to students who have taken the PEAC 1285 Beginning Kayaking course or equivalent through Gradient Mountain Sports or another instructional program.

Checking Out Equipment

Because the CO-OP is funded through your student fees, you DO NOT have to pay to check out equipment, it is there for your use for free. You do, however, have to check it out when a CO-OP staff member is working or with Keith McCallister. Much of the equipment in the CO-OP is new and of good quality so it is important to keep track of everything and make sure it is not being taken when there is no staff working. Just as important, when equipment is returned, it must be when a staff member is working so we do not charge you for something we did not know was returned. 

How to check out equipment

When you come to check out equipment we will need to see your student ID and you will need to provided your local address and phone number. We have two systems for checking out equipment — short-term and long-term. Short-term is anything checked out for a couple of hours to 1-day. We will still require your phone number and ID, and your ID card will be left at the CO-OP with a short term check out form. Checking out equipment for a longer period of time will require having a file created on the computer for you. We will need all of the same information as with the short-term.

Returning equipment

When equipment is returned the CO-OP staff will take it and check to make sure it is not damaged and return your card if it was a short-term checkout. For items such as tents, rafts, sleeping bags, etc., you may or may not wish to wait while it is being checked for damage, but if damage is found you will be charged for the cost of repairing or replacing the equipment. When you check out the equipment it would be a good idea to double check and make sure all parts are there and any damage is recorded when you check it out so you will not be charged when it is returned. There will also be a late fee charged to your student account if your equipment is not returned when it is suppose to be returned. This charge, depending on the equipment, can be up to $5.00 per day. The bill will continue until the replacement cost of the equipment is met and it will be charged to your student account. For items such as sleeping bags and tents, be sure to hang them and allow them to dry before putting them away in their stuff sacks.


Keith McCallister
Assistant Professor of Health, Outdoor, and Physical Education; Director of the DELTA Program