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ANTH 2390 Archaeological Tour: Mexico (Spring 2012)

ANTH 2390 Archaeological Tour:  Mexico (Spring 2012) photo

Students learn about Mexico by exploring the ruins of their ancient civilization, visiting modern communities, and looking at the sensational collection of artifacts in the Mexico City museum.  The course will begin with a series of preparatory classes that will give students an orientation to Mexico.  Then we will journey to Mexico over spring break to explore various Mesoamerican cultures such as the Aztecs and Maya first hand!

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ANTH-2390 Southwest Studies

ANTH-2390 Southwest Studies photo

A gentle-to-moderately-exciting float trip down the San Juan River between Bluff and Mexican Hat, Utah. Our explorations along the way include Anasazi ruins, ancient petroglyphs, and geological wonders, all within the beauty of the San Juan Canyon. For five days students will be completely reliant on each other, the food in their coolers, the raft equipment, and the kindness of the river.

Southwest Studies combines the power of direct experience with the fascination of academic study to produce a unique opportunity for learning.

ANTH-2390 Course Description

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ANTH-2310 Archaeological Field Studies

ANTH-2310 Archaeological Field Studies photo

Northwest College has done excavations of prehistoric and historic archaeological sites in the state of Wyoming. Students get practical experience in everything from site selection and excavation to museum display. Fieldwork includes a combined program of remote sensing, total station and global positioning system (GPS) mapping, artifact analysis, and limited test excavations at sites in northwestern Wyoming and southern Montana. Special topics covered include regional geological and paleoenvironmental history, human-animal interactions, and rock art studies.

Summer 2009 Field School curriculum
Summer 2009 Field School syllabus