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Wyoming’s Adult Education program ranked 7th in the nation

Posted December 3, 2019
By NWC News Desk

Wyoming’s Adult Education program, offered by all community colleges in the state including Northwest College, was recently ranked seventh in the nation by the U.S. Department of Education Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education administration and the National Reporting System.

The state’s Adult Education (AE) program, which is administered through the Wyoming Community College Commission, has a long history of serving the people of Wyoming through AE instruction and High School Equivalency preparation programs. This program is an important part in the continuum of education consistent with the mission of community colleges and benefit from the administrative support structure and the investment of resources already in place on each college campus.

“If all of Wyoming Adult Basic Education Managers are as good as Sandy Myers, it is easy to see why Wyoming is ranked as the seventh program in the country,” NWC President Stefani Hicswa said. “I am impressed by how hard she works to help our students succeed. Our students’ work ethic also demonstrates why Wyoming is ranked so high.” 

Wyoming AE offers academic instruction, college and career readiness skills, English as a second language classes for English language learners and more. AE focuses on strengthening basic reading, writing and math skills for adults. Enhancement of basic academic skills prepares students to transition into employment, skills training and postsecondary education.

The Wyoming AE program partners with the Department of Workforce Services and Vocational Rehabilitation to meet the requirement of the Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act.

Northwest College’s services include High School Equivalency Certificate preparation and testing, college placement test preparation, basic skill building, skill-gap analysis, career guidance, English and math for the workplace, as well as WorkKeys preparation.

Adult Education and High School Equivalency services are offered in Powell at 1397 Ft. Drum Drive. For more information visit or call 307-754-6280.

Learn more about the National Reporting System for Adult Education at