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Northwest College launches new paramedic degree program

Posted May 27, 2020
By NWC News Desk

Beginning this fall, Northwest College is offering a new paramedic program in Cody.

The Associate of Applied Science in Paramedicine is a four-semester program that includes core paramedic courses, plus other degree requirements.

Applications for the program are due Tuesday, June 30. Each year, 12 students will be admitted to the program, which will take place on the Cody campus, in the fall semester.

This hybrid program consists of online coursework, face-to-face labs and clinical experiences.

“While wilderness training normally takes place after a person has become licensed, we have incorporated it as a living portion of our program,” said Whitney Morgan, NWC interim educational support coordinator for paramedic & EMT programs. “Students will be exposed to intense wilderness situations throughout their time with us to hone the skill sets they learn in an environment that is extremely variable. This puts our students in a unique position to serve more austere environments, such as Park County, and to be better equipped than many of their peers to perform wilderness rescues.”

The program uses an evidence-based paramedic curriculum that intentionally prepares students for the challenges faced by paramedics in today’s changing healthcare landscape.

Additionally, it also supports Wyoming’s unique environment by offering required wilderness training throughout the program, allowing graduates to be wilderness-certified as well as the other traditional training offered to paramedics.

If accepted into the program, applications must also meet/pass the following requirements: background check, drug test, vaccinations and advanced EMT skills checkoff.

To learn more about the program or to apply, visit

Interested applicants with questions can contact Morgan at 307-754-7820 or