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Apply for NWC's Sizzlin Summer Scholarship

Posted April 30, 2007

P O W E L L, W y o. - Northwest College is again making it easy to add some "smarts" to this summer's activities by awarding 2007 Sizzlin' Summer Scholarships to everyone who enrolls in a credit-bearing class during the summer session. On top of that, the more classes a student enrolls in, the bigger the scholarship.

Online classes qualify for the scholarship, and so do courses offered in any on- or off-campus location (Cody, Worland and Powell). More than 50 classes are available this summer from archaeology, history, biology and math to rock climbing and kayaking. Worland-area residents can even be scholarshiped for beginning golf.

Everyone is eligible, but the scholarships aren't given automatically. A very short application form must be completed and submitted in order to claim summer scholarship dollars. The form is simple, quick and can be taken care of while registering. Forms are available at the NWC centers in Cody and Worland, in the Enrollment Services Office of the Orendorff Building on campus in Powell, and online.

Students enrolled in classes adding up to five credits or less receive a $200 scholarship; six-eight credits score a $400 scholarship; nine to 11credits credits earn $500; and those students enrolled in 12 or more credits receive $700. The scholarship money can be used to pay tuition, fees, books, supplies and other costs. Students are encouraged to apply early because funds are limited.

The six-week NWC summer session runs from June 5-July 18 in Cody, Lovell and Powell and from May 14-June 22 in Worland.

For more information, e-mail Jennifer Stauffer , NWC scholarship coordinator, or call (800) 560-4692, ext. 6040, or (307) 754-6040.