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Roster by Height

Sorted by Height (click a column header to sort the list by it)

Elijah Leyva 103 5'10 Redshirt Cody, WY
Jacob Schilder 2 5'11 Freshman Las Vegas, NV
Dyllon McDermid 102 6'0 Redshirt Deer Lodge, MT
Alan Swenson 32 6'1 Freshman Brussels, Belgium
Rambo Badyal 20 6'2 Sophomore Calgary, AB, Canada
Kyle Brown 4 6'2 Redshirt Sophomore New York City, NY
Mysen McArthur 12 6'2 Redshirt Sophomore Lovell, WY
Jahquel Goss 3 6'5 Freshman Bronx, NY
Jerome Mabry 14 6'5 Freshman Milwaukee, WI
Max Dehon 11 6'5 Sophomore Brussels, Belgium
Josh Petteno 21 6'5 Freshman Venice, Italy
Seth Mason 13 6'8 Sophomore Phoenix, AZ
Axel Hohenstein 15 6'8 Sophomore Veracruz, Mexico
Thomas Enerva 100 6'9 Redshirt Fort Kent, ME