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What We're Saying

When Northwest College employees were asked to share their thoughts for Great Colleges to Work For survey submission, here is what they shared:

The involvement and commitment of the community makes NWC a great place to work

Simply stated, the people. Northwest College employs some of the hardest working and committed people that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Faculty and staff are passionate about the Community College mission and the success of our students. They are not only willing to go above and beyond to make sure things get done, they organize activities, events and trips for students. Faculty and staff are also good to participate in student sponsored events and support students' activities. Our retirees remain involved in college activities as well.

Our employees are actively involved in decision-making at the college and have strong opinions about the importance of shared governance. They truly want to make a difference and do the right things. These people are well-intentioned and care a great deal about the future of Northwest College.

For me, the involvement and commitment of the community makes NWC a great place to work. Community members value what the college brings to this small rural part of Wyoming. Residents are incredible supporters of the college through attendance at events and generous financial support.

The financial contributions from our foundation allow the college to provide funding for innovative projects and ideas. As a result faculty are able to be involved in undergraduate research and implement programs and classes that would not be available otherwise.

The financial support of the state also contributes to NWC being a great place to work. We are able to sustain programs and activities, as well our salaries allow us to recruit and retain high quality faculty and staff.

Stefani Hicswa