Northwest College

ASNWC Constitution / By-Laws

Student Senate By-Laws

Article V

  1. Campaign posters may be placed on designated bulletin boards throughout the campus. Materials may not be placed in the library nor on the outside or inside of any doors or windows of any campus building. Placing stakes in the ground is not permissible either. On election day(s), all campaigning materials will be removed from the voting area(s) by senators.
  2. Obscene, slanderous, libelous and highly suggestive campaign materials and behaviors are unacceptable. Candidates and their supporters will neither deface nor remove posters of other candidates.
  3. There is no limit on the number of posters or literature a candidate may utilize, however, expenditures cannot exceed $50 per candidate. This includes donations from others as well as personal funds used. Candidates must keep a log of expenses and donations. Receipts must be kept and donor signatures obtained. The completed campaign expenditures form must be turned in to the NWC Housing Office (Dewitt Student Center, Room 222) unless a different location is specified on the application. This must be done by no later than the date and time printed on the application.
  4. Following the election, all campaign material must be removed within forty-eight (48) hours. Candidates may contact the NWC Physical Plant to receive cleaning supplies. This is the responsibility of each candidate. If not completed, elected candidates may lose their eligibility and be charged a cleaning fee. Students not elected may be charged a cleaning fee.
  5. Complaints of rule violations must be in written form and submitted to the Housing Office (Dewitt Student Center, Room 222) or the location specified on the application to be reviewed by the Senate Election Committee, which will determine if there has indeed been a violation and the consequences that shall be given. Consequences may include ineligibility and removal from ballot.
  6. In order to be eligible to run for Office, candidates must read all rules located on their application and sign their name, agreeing to comply with the rules stated.