Northwest College

Policies and Procedures

General Code of Student Conduct Process and Procedures

Student Conduct Complaints

Any student, staff or faculty member may submit a written complaint when a student’s conduct appears to be in violation of college policies, rules or regulations. Complaint forms are available through different formats.  Paper forms maybe obtained through the Residence and Campus Life Office, Residence Hall staff members, or the Vice President for Student Services’ Office.

A written description of the observed misconduct should be submitted on the complaint form to the Residence and Campus Life Director or the Vice President for Student Services (or Designee), within 48 hours of the incident (excluding weekends and holidays and extenuating circumstances).

At the discretion of the Vice President for Student Services, an investigation and disciplinary action may proceed even if the complaint is not filed in a timely manner.

Another way to file a complaint is through the link NWC Cares at the bottom of the page.  All complaints should be submitted in a timely fashion as indicated above.