Northwest College

Policies and Procedures

Academic Code of Conduct

Student Academic Responsibilities

A student has the responsibility to

  • read the College Catalog and the Student Handbook and become familiar with college policies;
  • inquire about program, course, and college requirements if he or she does not understand them or is in doubt about them;
  • adhere to the standards for academic performance established for individual courses and for programs of study;
  • conform to the “General Code of Student Conduct” during class lectures, discussions, laboratories, and other group activities;
  • pursue the appropriate student complaint procedure if he/she believes an instructor has violated his/her academic rights;
  • satisfactorily learn the content of any course of study;
  • make up missed assignments, if provided for by the course syllabus; and
  • understand and meet graduation and other program requirements by reading the Catalog and making reasonable efforts to obtain academic advising.