Northwest College

Policies and Procedures

Student Appeals Board Process and Procedures

Special Sessions

  1. End of Term - During the last 14 days of each term, hearing officers may consider complaint reports within 24 hours of meeting notice. Complaint reports not reviewed in meetings before the end of the term will be reviewed (without the presence of the student(s) named on the report) by the Director of Residence and Campus Life and a panel of Student Services representatives. Notification of decisions and sanctions will be by mail. Appeals for End of Term decisions may be heard during the first week of classes of the next semester. Individuals appealing dismissal from the residence halls, disciplinary suspension, and expulsion will not be permitted to register until their appeal has been reviewed and a decision has been made.
  2. Special Procedures - The Vice President for Student Services may immediately review emergencies or unusual circumstances in which student conduct interferes seriously with the right of others, with the normal ongoing work and activities of the College, or poses possible danger to the health, safety, and welfare of that individual or other people and property. In reviewing such special situations, the Vice President for Student Services may issue a sanction which may be appealed to the Student Appeals Board in the manner provided for by this policy.