Northwest College

Policies and Procedures

Student Appeals Board Process and Procedures

Request for a Withdraw From a Class(es) After the Official Withdrawal Date

Write a letter to the Student Appeals Board. Appeals to academic policy must be made within one year of the end of the semester for which the policy is being appealed.

  • Your appeal letter should be typed and include your full name, phone number and campus/local mailing address and should state what you are requesting (e.g. withdrawal from a class after the official withdrawal date.) It should include the complete Course Title, number, and instructor’s name.
  • State in a paragraph the extenuating circumstances that have prevented or will prevent your successful completion of the class. Be completely honest in telling your story. Present evidence that you have been in contact with the instructor concerning your status in the class, and, if possible, provide documentation from the instructor in support of your request.

The Student Appeals Board is the final procedure constituted by the college for all matters within its purview. Decisions made by the Students Appeals Board are not grievable.