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Project Succeed

Project Succeed provides student support services to 160 eligible students each year. If you are in our program, we can help you strengthen your approach to:

  • navigating the college system
  • studying and testing effectively
  • managing your time and your money
  • working effectively with your advisor
  • exploring careers that make sense for you
  • transferring to a university to earn a bachelor’s degree
  • getting a job after earning your associate’s degree.

To be eligible for Project Succeed you must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident seeking a degree and planning to graduate and/or transfer to a four-year college within three years. You must also belong to at least one of these groups:

  • First generation student – your parents/guardians (those who raised you) did not earn a four-year (bachelor’s) degree
  • Student with low income – your family’s taxable income for the previous year does not exceed 150% of the federal poverty level
  • Student with disability – you have a documented physical, emotional, or learning disability that significantly impacts your ability to be successful in college.

Stop by our office in the lower level of Colter Hall to visit with us. If you are interested in our program, we can give you an application or you can print a copy from our website (754.6292).

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