Northwest College

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Standards of Student Conduct

On-Campus Living Requirement

Contact the Residence and Campus Life Office or the Admissions Office. In most instances, students under the age of 21 and enrolled in nine or more credit hours are required to live in college residence halls their first two semesters. Exceptions are made for Freshman age 21 or over; Freshmen who are married or are single parents with custody of child(ren); students who have completed two semesters of full-time credit at NWC or another college/university; or Freshmen who are living with parents or legal guardian full-time. Other exceptions must be approved by the Director of Residence and Campus Life.

Priority for college housing is given to students enrolled for a minimum of nine credit hours each semester. Part-time students are eligible to live in the Residence Halls as space permits. Dropping to part-time status from full-time status does NOT cancel a housing contract.