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Missing Student Policy

  1. All students living in on-campus housing (Ashley Hall, Cody Hall, Colter Hall, Lewis and Clark Hall, Simpson Hall, Trapper Village Main Apartments and Trapper Village West Apartments) must identify and provide confidential contact information. Students must register this confidential contact information at the beginning of each semester by completing the Emergency Notification Card when checking in to your assigned residence hall or apartment. This policy will also be available on-line by going to the Student Handbook link. Each student will be responsible for keeping the confidential contact information updated and current. A student living in on-campus housing will not be considered missing if they have provided information about their intended whereabouts. Further, a student living in on-campus housing will not be considered missing if they are gone during recognized College holidays and/or breaks. The security of the contact information will be maintained by the Residence and Campus Life Office.
  2. Any report of a missing student, from any source, should immediately be directed to Campus Security (754.6067) and the Director of Residence and Campus Life. Once this is reported, the Vice President for Student Services (754.6100) will be notified immediately and will implement the following steps:
    • The Campus Security Officer and/or Director of Residence and Campus Life will initiate an investigation to determine the validity of the missing student report.
    • Make a determination as to the status of the missing student.
    • Notify the individual identified by the missing student as their emergency contact within 24 hours of making the determination that the student is missing (this applies to students that are emancipated or eighteen (18) years of age or older).
    • If the missing student is under the age of eighteen (18), notify the student’s custodial parent(s) or guardian(s) as contained in the records of the College within 24 hours of the determination that the student is missing.
    • Notify the Powell Police Department within 24 hours after determining that the student is missing.
    • During this initial process, the Vice President for Student Services will notify the College President and the other Vice Presidents.

Upon notification from any entity that a student may be missing, Northwest College may use any of the following resources to assist in locating the student. These resources may be used in any order and combination.

Through the Residence and Campus Life Office, the Resident Director (RD) or Resident Assistants (RA) may be asked to assist in physically locating the student by Keying into the student’s assigned room or apartment (following the procedures outlined in the housing and apartment guides) and talking with known associates.

  • Security may search on campus public locations to try and locate the student (library, dining hall, etc.).
  • The Vice President for Student Services may issue an ID picture to assist in identifying the missing student.
  • The Vice President for Student Services (or Vice President’s designee) may try to contact known family, friends, or faculty/staff members for last sighting or additional contact information.
  • Student Services or academic departments may be contacted to seek information on last sighting or other contact information.
  • Campus security may access vehicle registration information for vehicle location and distribution to authorities.
  • Computing Services Department may be asked to look up email logs for last login and use of Northwest College email system.

If there is any indication of foul play, the Campus Security Officer will notify the Powell Police Department for immediate assistance.