Northwest College

Policies and Procedures

Non-Academic Student Complaints

Informal Complaint Procedures

The informal complaint procedure is a verbal process which must be started within two weeks (ten working days) from the date of the alleged event. Students may initiate informal complaints concerning any decision or action related to campus life which they consider unfair and which is not addressed by the following:

  1. General Code of Student Conduct
  2. Instructional Complaint Procedure

Step 1. It is strongly recommended that the complaint be discussed initially between the persons involved since most misunderstandings and problems can be resolved in this manner. The college Grievance Officer or a person acceptable to both parties as a mediator is strongly suggested as a means of successfully resolving issues at this level through discussion and compromise. If the complainant genuinely believes there is a communication barrier between the parties involved, the mediator can communicate the complaint to the respondent. The mediator will secure a written information release from the complainant before proceeding.

Step 2. If the complaint is student to student and the complainant is unable to resolve the problem on a one-to-one basis, the complainant should take the complaint to the Vice President for Student Services (or Designee) or the Residence and Campus Life Director (or Designee)with issues occurring in or involving residential facilities. If the complaint is against a college staff member, the complainant should be taken to the appropriate department director. If the complaint involves a director, the complainant should notify the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

The appropriate administrator will consider information as to the nature of the complaint, the identity of any individuals involved and the actions taken, thus far, by all involved parties to resolve the complaint.

The administrator considering the information will have ten working days to attempt to resolve the complaint. A written record will be kept by the administrator who is involved with resolving the complaint.

If the above steps do not result in a solution, the complainant may file a formal written complaint, which will be processed according to the Formal Complaint Procedure outlined below.