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Sexual Misconduct Policy

College Services

Under Title IX, with a report and investigation of an act of sexual misconduct, the Reporting Party (person filing the report) and Respondent (person the report is about) have the right to available resources, which may be provided by the College. These resources include advocacy, process advising, College housing assistance, academic support, counseling, physical and mental health services, and disability services.

These resources may be provided following the initial contact with the college regarding the report of sexual misconduct and may be available throughout the investigatory/resolution process. Other specific resources include, but are not limited to:

  • being accompanied by security  
  • having students change residence halls
  • rescheduling exams and assignments
  • providing alternative course completion options
  • changing work schedules, job assignments, or class schedules
  • limiting an individual's or group's access to certain campus facilities/functions

Phone numbers for potential resources are below:  

Student Success Center/Counseling Services 754.6135
Student Health Center 754.6442
Powell Police 754.2212
Director of Residence and Campus Life 754.6412
Vice President for Student Services 754.6102
Campus Safety and Security Officer 754.6067
Title IX Coordinator 754.6102

Educational resources about sexual assault, safer sex, campus security, and alcohol use and abuse are available to the campus community and are extended particularly to high risk groups. Campus Security information and crime statistics as required by the Campus Security Act are made available annually to every member of the campus community and can be viewed at

Northwest College cannot guarantee a risk-free environment, but the campus community is committed to full enforcement of the Sexual Misconduct Policy by providing educational and prevention programming and services, by investigating and adjudicating all officially reported assaults, and by offering assistance to survivors of sexual assault.