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Policies and Procedures

Student Appeals Board Process and Procedures

Appeals Process and Procedure

  1. The Appellant must submit a written appeal statement to the Board Chair's office within two working days after sanction has been imposed/upheld. Appeals of academic policy must be made within one year of the end of the semester for which the policy is being appealed. The written statement will be dated on receipt. For information on how to submit an appeal, contact the Chair of the Appeals Board. The Chair will send a copy of this letter to all involved parties.
  2. The Board will hear behavioral and academic appeals at the scheduled available meeting time following receipt of the written appeal, provided College is in session. The Board Chair may delay the hearing to another scheduled meeting for extenuating circumstances with the approval of both Appellant and Respondent.
  3. A copy of the appeal request will be provided at least two working days prior to the hearing (if time allows) to each Board member as well as other involved parties or academic division personnel, and others identified by the Chair.
  4. The Appellant has the right to be present for his/her hearing, but need not be present if choosing to waive this right.
  5. The Appellant and Respondent may each present supporting documents and three witnesses. Both are responsible for timely appearance of their witnesses.
  6. All documents and witness lists presented by the Appellant and Respondent should be copied by them and made available to the other as well as to Board members.
  7. Legal counsel cannot represent the Respondent or the Appellant at the hearing, nor can legal counsel be present at the hearing.
  8. The appeal meeting is closed, and its deliberations are confidential.
  9. A quorum is 3/5 of the voting members. Voting members are the three faculty and two students, with the Chair voting only to break a tie.
  10. In the absence of the Chair, the Vice President member of the Board who is least directly involved in the hearing will serve as Chair.
  11. The Board will convene and the hearing is called to order by the Chair. The Secretary appointed by Student Services is recording secretary and will record the members present, the motion and results. The Board reviews the student written appeal. The Appellant is summoned to the meeting and may expand or explain his/her written statement.
  12. The Respondent is then summoned to provide information to the Board, absent the Appellant. Witnesses are called one at a time, and respond to questions from Board members. The Appellant and Respondent will have the right to question witnesses in front of the board. The Appellant may make a final statement.
  13. The Board enters executive session and discusses the appeal evidence presented, then comes to a decision by vote.
  14. The Appellant is verbally notified during the next two working days by the Chair. A written notification of the decision agreed to by the Board will be sent to the involved parties within five working days. The Chair also may share general information with the Respondent in the event that the Board suggests that the department might wish to consider making changes related to current procedures which led to the appeal being filed.
  15. With the agreement of the Appellant and Respondent and at the discretion of the Chair, some academic cases may be resolved by distribution of materials to Board members, followed by voting via e-mail.
  16. An official, confidential record of Appeals meetings is to be maintained by the Grievance Officer. A copy of a letter confirming the Board's decision will be forwarded to the appropriate Vice President or other personnel to be placed in either the Appellant's academic or behavioral file, whichever is appropriate.
  17. The Student Appeals Board is the final procedure constituted by the College for all matters within its purview. Decisions made by the Appeals Board are final.