Northwest College

ASNWC Constitution / By-Laws

Article XII - Code of Ethics and Removal From Office

Section A. Overview

Each elected and appointed representative of the ASNWC holds their respective office in order to promote the interests and well being of the ASNWC. In doing so, they will be required to maintain a high level of professionalism and integrity that are to be expected of a student leader.

Section B. Code of Ethics

If at any time an officer or representative exhibits behavior that is contrary to the spirit of the Code of Ethics, the Student Senate will have sole authority to conduct impeachment proceedings of its members and decide whether or not their actions are detrimental to the Association. These behaviors include, but are not limited to: violating ASNWC law, conviction of a criminal offense, violation of NWC policy, embezzlement of ASNWC funds, fraud, or deceit. Impeachment proceedings may also take place if it is decided that a Senate member has failed to attend a sufficient number of meetings, including Senate regular and special meetings, as well as committee meetings. The Senate may determine the rules of its proceedings, punish its members for misconduct and with the concurrence of two-thirds (2/3) of its members, impeach a constituent of the Senate. Impeachment proceedings will be initiated by a majority vote of the Senate or upon receipt of a petition signed by twenty-five percent (25%) of all ASNWC members.

Section C. Closing Meeting

After a sufficient case has been determined, the Senate will set a time for a closed meeting. If the President is to be tried, the Vice President will preside. If both the President and Vice President are to be tried, the Activities Board Chair will preside. Judgment in cases of impeachment will not extend further than removal from office, removal of voting privileges and disqualification to hold any office in Senate while a member of the ASNWC.

Section D. Activity-Talent Scholarship
  1. If a Student Senator is for any reason dismissed from Senate after they receive their Activity-Talent Scholarship, The Student Senate and NWC reserve the right to require the dismissed member to pay the scholarship back either in part or in full. Until this balance is paid, a hold may be placed on the student’s transcript and eligibility to graduate from Northwest College.
  2. If a replacement Senator joins Senate past the beginning of the fall semester, their Activity-Talent Scholarship will be pro-rated based on the discretion of Senate.