Northwest College

ASNWC Constitution / By-Laws

Article VII - Meetings

Section A. Frequency

Time and location of regular meetings will be set annually by the Senate and posted for ASNWC member reference. Meetings of the Senate will be held no less than biweekly during the NWC academic year. The ASNWC President may call a special meeting of the Student Senate by giving each member twenty-four (24) hours notice via the Secretary. Meeting times and locations are subject to change. ASNWC members are greatly encouraged to attend Senate meetings as non-voting participants.

Section B. Unexcused Absences

All members of the Senate are allowed a maximum of two (2) unexcused absences, whereupon a warning will be given by the ASNWC Secretary. A third unexcused absence will warrant dismissal from the Senate.

Section C. Excused Absences

An absence is considered excused when a Senator informs either the Secretary or President that they will be unable to attend a meeting. This action must be completed prior to the time that the meeting is scheduled to begin.

Section D. Quorum

Two-thirds (2/3) of the voting members of the Senate will constitute a quorum sufficient to transact business at all regular and special meetings, provided that notice for a special meeting has been given to each voting member by the Secretary twenty-four (24) hours in advance.