Northwest College

Resources at a Glance

Academic Advising Orendorff Building 307-754-6122
Accident Insurance and Health Plans Orendorff Building 307-754-6100
Admissions Orendorff Building 307-754-6101
Adult Student Services Colter Hall 307-754-6135
Bookstore DeWitt Student Center 307-754-6194
Campus Security Coordinator DeWitt Student Center 307-754-6067
Career Development Information Orendorff Building 307-754-6291
Children’s Learning and Care Center 7th & Beckman 307-754-6188
Computing Services Moyer Building 307-754-6080
Counseling Colter Hall 307-754-6135
Crisis Intervention Colter Hall 307-754-6135
Disability Support Services Colter Hall 307-754-6227
Educational Opportunity Center-UW Orendorff Building 307-754-6109
Employment Off Campus Workforce Alliance Center 307-754-6061
Employment On Campus Orendorff Building 307-754-6040
Financial Aid and Scholarships Orendorff Building 307-754-6158
Fitness Center Johnson Fitness Center 307-754-6439
Food Services DeWitt Student Center 307-754-6206
Graduation Degree Checks Orendorff Building 307-754-6435
Health Services Colter Hall 307-754-6442
International Student Services Orendorff Building 307-754-6429
Intramurals DeWitt Student Center 307-754-6205
Library Hinckley Library 307-754-6207
Minority Student Services Orendorff Building 307-754-6429
Native American Student Services Orendorff Building 307-754-6429
TRiO Frisby Building 307-754-6135
Recreation Equipment Co-Op Cabre Building 307-754-6250
Registrar Orendorff Building 307-754-6400
Registration and Records Orendorff Building 307-754-6149
Residence and Campus Life / Housing DeWitt Student Center 307-754-6163
Student Senate DeWitt Student Center 307-754-6251
Student Activities Office DeWitt Student Center 307-754-6205
Student Identification Cards Orendorff Building 307-754-6149
Student Success Center Colter Hall 307-754-6135
Transfer Information Orendorff Building 307-754-6291
Tutoring Services Hinckley Library 307-754-6137
University of Wyoming Outreach Orendorff Building 307-754-6108
Vice President for Academic Affairs Orendorff Building 307-754-6472
Vice President for Student Services Orendorff Building 307-754-6100


Dee Havig
Interim Vice President for Student Services