Northwest College

Western States

Feb 16 – Feb 18, 2018
Santa Clara, CA

NWC traveled to Santa Clara University for the Western States Communication Association Forensics Tournament, placing first among 2-year schools and second overall behind the University of Utah. Every NWC student at the tournament placed in at least one event. This tournament concluded the regular season for the team, who will now begin focusing on upcoming national events. 

Debate results:

Close out in junior debate – Jared Lange/Isaabelle Munoz, CJ Day/Taylor Rempp, and Dominic Damiano/Trysa Flood


Dominic Damiano – 2nd speaker junior parli

Taylor Rempp – 3rd speaker junior parli

Trysa Flood – 6th speaker junior parli

Jared Lange – 9th speaker junior parli

Individual Events Results:

Dalen Brazelton – 4th POI, 6th junior impromptu, 3rd prose (top junior)

CJ Day – Top junior Extemp, top junior persuasion

Dominic Damiano – 5th POI, 1st duet (with Munoz), 2nd Drama (top junior)

Trysa Flood – 6th POI, 2nd duet (with Rempp)

Jared Lange – 5th place ADS (top junior), 5th Informative, 3rd junior impromptu

Isaabella Munoz – 2nd POI (top junior), 1st duet (with Damiano), 3rd place Poetry (top junior), 5th prose

Jacinta Schneider – 6th Informative

Taylor Rempp – 4th Informative (top junior), 2nd duet (with Flood)

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