Northwest College

Pioneer Trails

Nov 2 – Nov 4, 2018
Casper, WY

The NWC Trappers finished the fall season with a trip to Casper, Wyoming for the Pioneer Trails Invitational. As a team, NWC finished first among 2-year schools and took top honors overall.

Debate Results:

Dominic Damiano and Jacinta Schneider – 1st place NPDA

Trysa Flood and Abigaile Grubb – 3rd place NPDA

Jared Lange and Isaabella Munzo – 4th place NPDA

Dominic Damiano – 2nd place speaker NPDA

Abigaile Grubb – 3rd place speaker – NPDA

Individual Events Results:

Dalen Brazelton – 1st Communication analysis, 1st Prose

Trysa Flood – 2nd Communication Analysis, 1st Duet (with Munoz), 2nd Program Oral Interpretation

Chris Ghidella – 3rd Duet (with Schell), 3rd Drama

Abigaile Grubb – 3rd Communication Analysis, 6th Informative Speaking

Brendan Kachnowski – 7th Poetry, 2nd Duet (with Damiano), 6th Prose, 1st Program Oral Interpretation

Jared Lange – 1st After Dinner Speaking

Mariah Mader – 5th Persuasion, 7th Informative Speaking

Isaabella Munoz – 4th Poetry, 1st Duet (with Flood)

Genesis Schell – 5th Poetry, 3rd Duet (with Ghidella), 4th After Dinner Speaking

Jacinta Schneider – 4th Informative Speaking

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