Northwest College

Great Salt Lake Invitational

Jan 18 – Jan 21, 2019
Salt Lake City, UT

Northwest College traveled 10 students to Salt Lake City for the Great Salt Lake Swing tournament, co-hosted by the University of Texas at El Paso, to compete in two back to back tournaments against 25 other colleges and universities. As a team, NWC was the top community college and placed 2nd overall in the UTEP half of the swing, took 2nd among community colleges and 4th overall in the Utah half of the swing, and placed 1st in community colleges and 1st overall in the combined swing sweepstakes. Additionally, NWC was the top community college in debate sweepstakes.


UTEP IE Portion:

Dalen Brazelton - 3rd DUO, 6th CA

Dominic Damiano - 2nd prose, 6th POI, 3rd DUO, 4th DI

Trysa Flood - 2nd POI, 1st DUO, 7th CA

Abigaile Grubb - 3rd speaker IPDA

Brendan Kachnowski - 5th prose, 4th POI, 3rd DUO, 6th POE

Jared Lange - 2nd place speaker IPDA 

Mariah Mader - 6th DI

Isaabella Munoz - 1st prose, 1st POI, 1st DUO, 1st POE

Genesis Schell - 2nd DUO, 4th POE

Jacinta Schneider - 5th DI


Utah IE Portion: (only two students competed in individual events in this half of the swing)

Dominic Damiano - 1st drama, 3rd POI, 2nd duet

Brendan Kachnowski - 4th POI, 2nd duet, 4th prose, 4th poetry


Utah Debate Portion:

Jared Lange and isaabella Munoz – 5th place open NPDA

Trysa Flood and Abigaile Grubb – 3rd place junior NPDA

Isaabella Munoz -  4th place open speaker

Great Salt Lake Invitational image