Northwest College

Al Johnson Invitational

Oct 19 – Oct 21, 2018
Colorado Springs, CO

Northwest College edged out the competition by 1.5 points for an Overall Sweepstakes award at the James “Al” Johnson Memorial Swing in Colorado Springs. The Overall Sweepstakes combined scores from back to back tournaments hosted on the Colorado College campus. Additionally, the team picked up top honors in debate sweeps, 2nd place in individual events sweeps, and top 2-year honors.


Debate Results:

Chris Ghidella and partner Brendan Kachnowski placed 2nd in the novice NPDA division, dropping in finals to the United States Air Force Acadamy.

 Trysa Flood and partner Abigaile Grubb were tournament champions in the open NPDA, winning a 3-0 decision in finals against Northern Arizona University.

Abigaile Grubb finished 3rd in IPDA

Jared Lange finished 4th in IPDA


Speaker Awards:

 Abagaile Grubb – 2nd open NPDA, 4th IPDA

Isaabella Munoz – 6th open NPDA

Jared Lange – 9th place open NPDA, 5th IPDA

Trysa Flood – 10th place open NPDA

Dalen Brazelton – 3rd place novice NPDA

Tyler Hoem – 4th place novice NPDA

Chris Ghidella – 5th place novice NPDA


Individual Events Results:

 Swing Part 1:

Dalen Brazelton – 5th novice Impromptu, 4th Prose, 4th Communication Analysis

Dominic Damiano – 1st Prose, 3rd Duet (with Kachnowski), 1st Drama

Trysa Flood – 3rd Communication Analysis, 2nd Duet (with Munoz)

Tyler Hoem – 7th After Dinner Speaking

Brendan Kachnowski – 6th Poetry, 3rd Prose, 3rd Duet (with Damiano)

Mariah Mader – 7th Informative

Isaabella Munoz – 3rd Poetry, 2nd Program Oral Interpretation, 2nd Duet (with Flood)

Genesis Schell – 6th After Dinner Speaking, 7th Poetry

Jacinta Schneider – 4th Informative, 4th Drama


Swing Part 2:

 Dalen Brazelton – 5th Prose, 5th Communication Analysis, 4th Impromptu

Dominic Damiano -  1st Prose, 3rd Duet (with Kachnowski), 2nd Drama, 5thProgram Oral Interpretation

Trysa  Flood – 4th Communication Analysis, 2nd Duet (with Munoz), 4th Program Oral Interpretation

Chris Ghidella – 3rd novice Extemp, 5th Duet (with Schell), 1st Drama, 3rd novice Impromptu

Abbie Grubb – 3rd Communication Analysis

Tyler Hoem – 6th After Dinner Speaking

Brendan Kachnowski -  2nd Prose, 3rd Duet (with Damiano), 3rd Program Oral Interpretation, 4th Poetry

Jared Lange – 3rd After Dinner Speaking

Izzy – 4th Prose, 2nd Duet (with Flood), 2nd Program Oral Interpretation, 1st Poetry

Genesis – 5th Duet (with Ghidella), 6th Poetry

Jacinta – 5th Drama

Al Johnson Invitational image