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Physical Science Division

Name Title Office Phone
Northrup, Astrid Associate Professor of Engineering and Mathematics; Chairperson of Physical Science Division SM117 307-754-6066
Johnson, Bill Associate Professor of Welding; Coordinator of Welding OLB107 307-754-6156
Amarasuriya, Deepthi Assistant Professor of Physics SM110 307-754-6454
Elton, Harold Associate Professor of Welding OLB108 307-754-6467
Spinney, Kerrie Instructor of Mathematics SM113 307-754-6174
Elton, Lee Assistant Professor of Welding OLB109 307-754-6153
Stensing, Martin Assistant Professor of Mathematics; Coordinator of Mathematics SM112 307-754-6049
Gundlach, Michael Instructor of Mathematics SM129 307-754-6064
Cuddy, Michael Assistant Professor of Chemistry SM222 307-754-6233
Waite, Neil Assistant Professor of Mathematics SM128 307-754-6141
Floyd, Raymond Visiting Instructor of Math and Engineering SM127 307-754-6011
Townsend, Robert Assistant Professor of Drafting Technology SM134 307-754-6142
Glatzer, Tim Assistant Professor of Mathematics SM111 307-754-6283
Udodong, Uko Assistant Professor of Chemistry SM221 307-754-6230
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