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Command Spanish® e-Training programs are Web-based Spanish language training courses that students can take whenever and wherever they want, because they are asynchronous and non-instructor-led. These programs were designed to be efficient, effective, and not teacher-bound. Moreover, the student takes the course at his/her convenience and pace, not the institution's convenience and pace. Click on the link above for a list of all programs - most programs are $69.00 each.

With Command Spanish®, you can:

  • promote better communication in the work environment;
  • increase safety in the workplace;
  • enhance workers' job performance;
  • decrease or remove communication barriers;
  • receive cost-effective instruction without leaving your house; and
  • provide better service to persons in the Hispanic community.

Command Spanish® online courses are designed to be efficient, reliable, and effective. These are one-of-a-kind programs. For many, the convenience and benefits of e-Training are too good to pass up.

Command Spanish® e-Training programs are:

  • Self-Paced (You, not an educational institution, decide at what pace you will take the course.)
  • Asynchronous (You can start the course on any day, at any hour.)
  • Non-Teacher-Led (You are not dependent on the availability of a teacher.)
  • Based on Adult Education Principles
  • Economical (You save gas and time by not commuting to and from class.)

Each Command Spanish® e-Training program includes important cross-cultural information and tips relevant to the specific occupation or profession that is being targeted. These cross-cultural capsules are designed to eliminate or reduce misunderstandings in the workplace.

Available Command Spanish® Courses:

  • Spanish for Hospital Nurses
  • Spanish for Retail Sales
  • Spanish for School Teachers
  • Spanish for the Workforce
  • Spanish for Law Enforcement Officers
  • Spanish for Emergency Medical Services
  • and more

Upon completion of each course, the learner will have immediate access to and be able to print his or her own personalized Certificate of Completion.


Carri Dobbins
Senior Office Assistant for Training and Development (Cody)
OR 307-587-3506