1. Labette               93.5
2. NW Wyoming    91.5
3. Pratt                    56
4. Neosho              52.5
5. Colby                  51
6. Western Wyo    33 
125     Derek Steeley (Neosho) by fall over Jesse Hillhouse (NW Wyo)
133     Saul Guerrero (NW Wyo) 10-5 dec. over Donnie Curtis (Labette)
141     McCade Ford (NW Wyo) 4-0 dec. over Ramon Willis (Pratt)
149     Ganbayar Sanjaa (Colby) 8-3 dec. over Raufeon Stots (Labette)
157     Chase Nelson (Labette) 20-6 dec. over Shawn Thomas (Neosho)
165     Bekzod Abdurakhmanov (Colby) 6-4 dec. over Allen Rutherford (Labette)
174    Chad Wright (Labette) injury default over Nick Peterson (NW Wyo)
184     Ralph Major (Pratt) injury default over Derek Thompson (Labette)
197    Walker Clarke (Labette) 5-4 dec. over Mak Jones (NW Wyo)
285    Landon Harris (NW Wyo) by fall over Jake Kober (Neosho)
125        Hase (Labette) by fall over Wark (Colby)
141        Camacho (Colby) 14-8 dec. over Jesseph (Labette)       
149        Wright (Pratt) 7-4 dec. over Bobby Robins (NW Wyo)
3rd/4th      125  Barber (Pratt) injury default over Collin Hase (Labette)
5th/6th      125  Wark (Colby) over Wheat (Western Wyo) 

3rd/4th      133  Jacob Bassett (Western Wyo) 11-5 dec. over Luedke (Colby)
5th/6th      133   Carson (Neosho) 13-4 dec. over Bingham (Pratt)

3rd/4th       141 Schumacher (Western Wyo) over Jesseph (Labette)
5th/6th       141  Luis Camacho (Colby) by fall over Wolfe (Neosho)

3rd/4th       149  Peterson (Western Wyo) 7-3 dec. over Robins (NW Wyo)
5th/6th       149  Wright (Pratt) 8-7 dec. over Simpson (Neosho)

3rd/4th       157  Brenton (NW Wyo) 6-3 dec. over Dollar (NW Wyo)
5th/6th       157  Hirsch (Colby) by injury default over Wise (Pratt)

3rd/4th       165  Vieira (Neosho) 10-9 dec. over Budke (Pratt)
5th/6th       165   Oppenheimer (NW Wyo) 8-3 dec. over Hammond (W Wyo)

3rd/4th       174  Feldkamp (Pratt) 15-6 dec. over Butler (Neosh0)
5th/6th       174  Evans (Western Wyo) by forfeit over Tarin (Colby)

3rd/4th      184  Baker (NW Wyo) 6-4 dec. over Manous (Neosho)

3rd/4th      197  Kriss (Colby) 12-3 dec. over Downs (Pratt)

3rd/4th      285   Fletcher (Colby) 7-4 dec. over We
5th/6th      285   Hamm (Pratt) by fall over Farnsworth (Western Wyo)
125     Collin Hase (Labette) 13-0 dec. over Michael Wheat (Western Wyo)
125     Jesse Barber (Pratt) by fall over Cody Wark (Colby)

133     Brent Luedke (Colby) by fall over Montana Carson (Neosho)
133     Jacob Bassett (Western Wyo) 4-2 dec. over Devin Bingham (Pratt)

141     Justin Schumacher (Western Wyo) by fall over Luis Camacho (Colby)
141     Cameron Jesseph (Labette) 7-5 dec. (OT) over Josh Wolfe (Neosho)

149     Bobby Robins (NW Wyo) 13-3 maj. dec. over Zach Simpson (Neosho)
149     Hayden Peterson (Western Wyo) 6-4 dec. over Chris Wright (Pratt)

157     Briston Brenton (NW Wyo) by fall over James Hirsch (Colby)
157     Rodney Dollar (Western Wyo) injury default over Scott Wise (Pratt)

165    Mike Vieiera (Neosho) 8-3 dec. over Zach Oppenheimer (NW Wyo)
165    Travis Budke (Pratt) by fall over Jerad Hammond (Western Wyo)

174    Alex Feldkamp (Pratt) by forfeit over Anthony Tarin (Colby)
174    Aaron Butler (Neosho) by fall over Cole Evans (Western Wyo) 

184    Jarrett Baker (NW Wyo) by forfeit over  Jerad Schroeder (Colby)

197    Nick Kriss (Colby) by fall over Kris Powell (Neosho)

285    Pat Fletcher (Colby) by fall over Austin Hamm (Pratt)
285    Drew Weske (Labette) 3-2 dec. over Rusty Farnsworth (Western Wyo)
1. Labette                73
2. NW Wyoming     64
3. Neosho               38
4. Colby                   26.5
5. Pratt                     25
6. Western Wyo.    9
125     Derek Steeley (Neosho) 6-3 dec. over Jesse Barber (Pratt)
125     Jesse Hillhouse (NW Wyo) 7-4 dec. over Collin Hase (Labette)

133     Saul Guerrero (NW Wyo) 13-2 dec. over Jacob Bassett (Western Wyo)
133     Donnie Curtis (Labette) by fall over Montana Carson (Neosho)

141     Ramon Willis (Pratt) 8-4 dec. over Cameron Jesseph (Labette)
141     McCade Ford (NW Wyo) 12-3 dec. over Justin Schumacher (Western Wyo)

149     Ganbayar Sanjaa (Colby) tech. fall over Hayden Petersen (Western Wyo)
149     Raufeon Stots (Labette) 15-7 dec. over  Zach Simpson (Neosho)

157     Chase Nelson (Labette) by fall over  Rodney Dollar (Western Wyo)
157     Shawn Thomas (Neosho) by fall over  Briston Brenton (NW Wyo)

165     Bekzod Abdurakhmanov (Colby) by fall over Travis Budke (Pratt)
165     Allen Rutherford (Labette) by fall over Mike Vieira (Neosho)

174     Chad Wright (Labette) 11-4 dec. over Aaron Butler (Neosho)
174     Nick Peterson (NW Wyo) 4-3 dec. over Alex Feldkamp (Pratt)

184     Derek Thompson (Labette) 5-4 dec. over Jarrett Baker (NW Wyo)
184     Ralph Major (Pratt) 11-5 dec. over Ralph Manous (Neosho)

197     Mak Jones (NW Wyo) 9-3 dec. over  Tyler Downs (Pratt)
197     Walker Clarke (Labette) 3-2 dec. over Nick Kriss (Colby)

285     Landon Harris (NW Wyo) by fall over Drew Weske (Labette)
285     Jake Kober (Neosho) 13-6 dec. over Pat Fletcher (Colby)
125     Derek Steeley (Neosho) 11-1 dec. over Michael Wheat (Western Wyo.)
125     Jesse Hillhouse (Northwest Wyo.) by fall over Cody Wark (Colby)

125    Jesse Barber  (Pratt)  bye
125     Collin Hase (Labette)  bye

133      Jacob Bassett (Western Wyo.) by fall over Brent Luedke (Colby)
133     Montana Carson (Neosho) by fall over Devin Bingham (Pratt)

133     Saul Guerrero (NWW) bye
133     Donnie Curtis (Labette) bye

141     Justin Schumacher (Western Wyo.) by fall over Josh Wolfe (Neosho)
141     Ramon Willis (Pratt) 13-5 dec. over Luis Camacho (Colby)
141     Cameron Josseph (Labette) bye
141     McCade Ford (NW Wyoming) bye

149     Ganbayar Sanjaa (Colby) by fall over Bobby Robbins (NW Wyo)
149     Zach Simpson (Neosho) 5-4 dec. over Chris Wright (Pratt)

149     Raufeon Stots (Labette) bye
149     Hayden Petersen (Western Wyo.) bye

157     Rodney Dollar (Western Wyo.) by fall over James Hirsch (Colby)
157     Briston Brenton (NW Wyo) by injury default over Scott Wise (Pratt)

157     Chase Nelson (Labette) bye
157     Shawn Thomas (Neosho) bye

165    Travis Budke (Pratt) 8-2 dec. over Zach Oppenheimer (NW Wyo)
165     Mike Vieira (Neosho) 11-5 dec. over Jerad Hammond (Western Wyo)

165    Bekzod Abdurakhmanov (Colby) bye
165     Allen Rutherford (Labette) bye

174     Aaron Butler (Neosho) by forfeit over Anthony Tarin (Colby)
174     Nick Petersen (NW Wyo) 7-2 dec. over Cole Evans (Western Wyo)

174     Chad Wright (Labette) bye
174     Alex Feldkamp (Pratt) bye

184     Ralph Major (Pratt) by forfeit over Jerad Schroeder (Colby)
184     Jarrett Baker (NW Wyo) bye
184     Derek Thompson (Labette) bye

197     Tyler Downs (Pratt) by fall over Kris Powell (Neosho)
197     Nick Kriss (Colby) bye
197     Mak Jones (NW Wyo) bye
197     Walker Clarke (Labette) bye

285    Drew Weske (Labette) by fall over Austin Hamm (Pratt)
285     Pat Fletcher (Colby) by fall over Rusty Farnsworth (Western Wyo)

285     Landon Harris (NW Wyo) bye
285     Jake Kober (Neosho) bye
          The Colby Community College Trojans enter the regional with just two ranked wrestlers in the latest NJCAA polls - Ganbayar Sanjaa and Bekzod Abdurakhmanov. However, those two wrestlers are ranked No. 1 in their respective weight classes - Sanjaa at 149 pounds and Abdurakhmanov at 165 pounds.
          Sanjaa wrestled the year at 157 pounds, but dropped down to 149 pounds, a more comfortable weight for the wrestler and the weight in which he won a national championship at last season. Abdurakhmanov has looked impressive all year for the Trojans and has been ranked No. 1 at 165 for a majority of the season. 
          Nick Kriss at 197 pounds and Patrick Fletcher have been ranked at certain points throughout the season, and Kriss will look to return to the national meet after qualifying last season. Kriss has been slowed by injury and sickness for a majority of the season. In order for the Trojans to compete for the region crown, they will need solid performances from Kriss and Fletcher, as well as Brent Luedke at 133 pounds and Luis Camacho at 141 pounds. Both wrestlers have shown flashes of the type of wrestler they can be, but have struggled with inconsistency.
          Northwest Wyoming is the No. 4 ranked team in the latest NJCAA poll, and has eight wrestlers ranked in their respective weight classes. That number is equal to the eight wrestlers ranked by Labette, tops for teams in the West Central Region. 
         The ranked wrestlers for the Trappers are Jesse Hillhouse (#6 at 125), Saul Guerrero (#5 at 133 pounds); McCade Ford (#4 at 141), Briston Brenton (#9 at 157 pounds), Nick Peterson (#3 at 174 pounds), Jarrett Baker (#12 at 184 pounds), Mak Jones (#3 at 197 pounds) and Landon Harris (#5 at 285 pounds).
         Northwest Wyoming had a 9-7 dual record this season with wins over West Central Region foes Pratt, Neosho, and Western Wyoming. The Trappers lost to Labetter 15-28 in Parsons, Kan., on Jan. 7. However, in that matchup, the Trappers Saul Guerrero didn't wrestle at 133 pounds, which could have made the contest much closer.
          Northwest has seen every squad appearing at this regional with the exception of the Colby Trojans. For more information on the Trappers, visit their website at http://www.northwestcollege.edu/wrestling/