Northwest College

Brand Visuals

Official Logo

Our logo is a crucial component of our brand. The different elements, like the wordmark and the mountain symbol, serve as an identifier of our institution. When developing materials with the logo, a few brief guidelines should always be followed to create consistency, cohesiveness, and professionalism.

The official Northwest College logo is shown below. It is comprised of three components:

  • A symbol - mountains
  • Logo type - the college’s name and location set in a kerned and modified font
  • Registered symbol - the ® makes clear we have secured federal registration of our logo and can prove the design is from original art.


Preferred logo in 2 colors. Depending upon context, the Communications & Marketing Office can assist with standardized variations.

Please visit the following pages to learn how to use the logo (and how not to use it):

Other Permissible Logo Versions

No top mountain version:
Logo without top mountain

Words only version:
Logo with no mountain

Stationery version:
Stationery logo