Northwest College

History, Projects and Bylaws


From its early roots as Wyoming’s first two-year college alumni association, the Northwest College Alumni Association continues to grow with more than 22,000 alumni worldwide.

Chartered in 1988 with a 20-member Board of Directors (now 25), the NWCAA was among the first community college alumni associations in the Rocky Mountain area.


The NWC Alumni Association serves as the principal link between NWC and its worldwide network of alumni. Its mission is to

  • promote alumni affiliation with the college, engendering a sense of pride, loyalty, interest in and support for the college;
  • provide meaningful activities and services for alumni; and
  • engage the talents and resources of alumni in the life, work and mission of Northwest College.

An alum is anyone who attended NWC:

  • full time (12 or more credit hours), successfully completing at least one semester -OR-
  • part-time and earned an associate degree


Tawnya Peterson
Development Coordinator-Foundation