Northwest College

Enroll in Dual or Concurrent Classes

Congratulations! You've got a bright future ahead of you if you're already thinking about taking college classes while you're still in high school.

Step 1: Talk to your High School Guidance Counselor

Your guidance counselor will explain your options and help you select classes that are best suited to your academic goals.


Step 2: Review Class Schedule

It's a good idea to look over the class schedule with your guidance counselor. You're invited to enroll in any NWC class for which you meet the required prerequisites. You can take classes onsite at your high school, on campus, or online.

Your guidance counselor will have a list of concurrent enrollment classes offered at your location.

Step 3: Talk with your Parents

Your parents can help you determine if and how you can fit a college class into your academic practices and social schedule. Be prepared for a rigorous path of study that may not necessarily follow high school timetables and protocol.


Step 4: Register for Classes

Ask your high school guidance counselor to help you complete this step.


Applying to Northwest College does not guarantee admission to the Nursing program, the Equine programs or the Professional Studies (B.A.S.) Bachelor of Applied Science program. The programs have limited enrollment and a separate application process.

Visit the Nursing & Allied Health website, the Equine Studies pages or the Professional Studies B.A.S. page for more information.