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Other Recommended Software (free downloads)

  • Adobe Reader® – you should download the most up-to-date version. Go to and click on the “Get Adobe Reader” button and select current version. IMPORTANT: Make sure you uncheck McAffee to be included in your download. You do not need this and it could interfere with your current antivirus software.
  • The latest version of Adobe Flash Player for Windows or for Mac. (Can also be downloaded from the site.)
  • The latest version of Adobe Shockwave Player for Windows or Mac. (Can also be downloaded from the site.)
  • The latest version of QuickTime Player for Windows or Mac which can be downloaded from
  • The latest version of the Windows Media Player plugin for the Firefox Browser for Windows or Mac. Go to Note: If you are running Windows 7, then Windows Media Player comes as part of Windows 7 and is not available as a separate download.
  • The latest version of Java for Windows if your computer does not have the latest update installed. Note: You should uninstall any previous versions of Java from your computer so that they do not conflict. Go to your computer’s control panel under Programs and Features (Windows 7) to uninstall previous versions of Java. You can download Java for free from Mac users should be fine with the Java that is already installed.
  • Your course may require special (free) plug-ins to access streaming media, PDF files, or other web components. If this is the case, you will learn more about these special requirements, including the links to download them during your Course Introduction.
  • If your computer does not currently have Antivirus software installed, we recommend the free program from


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Dustin Dicks
Instructional Technology Coordinator