Northwest College

Assessment at NWC

Student Learning Outcomes

Music Technology

  • Apply concepts from physics and acoustics in practical situations to solve sound problems and/or achieve desired outcomes in both sound reinforcement and sound recording.
  • Demonstrate proficiency with sound reinforcement procedures including: microphone selection, mixing console signal flow and gain staging, metering, FOH and stage monitor mixing, system troubleshooting and assessment.
  • Demonstrate proficiency with various aspects of digital audio production. Including, the impact of sample rate and bit depth on the sonic image, dithering, Full Scale metering (dBFS), use of software effects plug-ins, software audio editing tools, and digital file management best practices.
  • Evaluate merits of recording outcomes with an understanding of the technical goals and aesthetic considerations appropriate for a given genre. Distinguish specific audio career paths and the steps needed to become successful profession in the audio industry.
  • Develop an understanding of the history and aesthetics of electronic music and demonstrate the effective use of both MIDI-based and non-MIDI hardware and software in the creation and production of electronic music.


Gerald Giraud
Vice President for Academic Affairs