Northwest College

Assessment at NWC

Student Learning Outcomes

Early Childhood Education

  • The student shall demonstrate knowledge of physical maturation, cognitive and language, and social/emotional development from pre-birth to approximately 8 years of age, including individual differences and the impact of early experiences. (WY Professional Teaching Standards I, II, III)
  • The Student shall demonstrate competence in articulating rationale for implementation of developmentally appropriate practices in the education of all children including techniques of informal and formal assessment and the process of evaluating early childhood program. (WPTS IV, V, IX, XXII)
  • The student shall demonstrate competence in planning and implementing developmentally appropriate curriculum through the facilitation of play and the design of appropriate learning environments to meet the needs of all young children. (WPTS XIII, IV, V, VII, VIII, XI)


Gerald Giraud
Vice President for Academic Affairs