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Big Horn Basin Map

Heart Mountain

Quick Facts
  • Named by the Crow, Heart Mountain was one of the few identifiable features on the maps used by Lewis and Clark.
  • Heart Mountain is unusual in Wyoming in that it was formed by erosion. The Paleozoic limestone cap rests upon a bed of more recent, and softer, Eocene Willwood soil. The limestone cap originated in a formation some 40 miles to the west, and how it arrived at its current location is still the subject of discussion in the geology community.
  • Heart Mountain was recently acquired by the Nature Conservancy. The area is a unique local habitat; it has a small native elk herd.
  • In 1942, a relocation camp for Japanese Americans was constructed at Heart Mountain. It eventually held over 10,000 internees before is was closed in 1945.
  • A small monument to the internees is located at the site of the camp.
Heart Mountain photo
Heart Mountain photo
Heart Mountain photo