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Big Horn Basin Map

Worland, WY

Quick Facts
  • Elevation 4061
  • Population 4967
  • The town is named after C.H. "Dad" Worland, a seedlings salesman who in 1903 established a stage station on the Bridger Trail near the present town.
  • The few buildings in early Worland were built on the west side of the Bighorn River. In 1905 the railroad was laid on the east side of the river. Residents waited until the river froze that winter, then slid the buildings over to the east side.
  • The Colby Mammoth Kill site lies 16 miles east of Worland. Hundreds of mammoth bones, along with several projectile points, were excavated here during the early 1970's. The site is roughly dated at 11,000 years ago and is one of the largest known mammoth kill sites.
Worland, WY photo
Worland, WY photo