Northwest College

Success Stories

Missy Maenle
No Photo Available Hometown: Powell, WY
Major: Elementary Education

How has Project Succeed helped you?

When I finally decided to join Project Succeed, I figured I was either doing one of the stupidest things of my life or I was a genius. Turned out to be the best thing I had ever done for myself. I had a 4 month old and a 2 year old when I joined, and thought there was no way I had the time to commit to Project Succeed. I was so lost in transferring to Valley City State University’s teaching program. Project Succeed helped make the process easy and the time commitment ended up not being anywhere close to as hard as I expected. I really enjoyed the musical trips, it was the first time I had gotten away without my kids, and while it was hard, it was needed and appreciated.

My second semester in Project Succeed, found me feeling extremely overwhelmed and frustrated. Thank goodness the staff cared about me, because I’m honestly not sure I would have survived that semester on my own in one piece. The Academic Success Coordinator at the time helped me more than she will ever know, and helped me figure out a plan to succeed beyond my wildest dreams.

I came looking for help with transferring to another school after graduation, and what I found instead was a family that cares about you!

Brad Cox
Brad Cox Photo Hometown: Cody, WY
Major: History Secondary Education

How has Project Succeed helped you?

I can’t say enough about all Project Succeed did to help me to reach my goals. They did all they could to make sure that my wife and I qualified for Project Succeed. We went to events that we would not have gone to normally and had a lot of fun. The thing that I have to say helped the most was the trip to Laramie to get registered for classes. I was on track at Northwest for graduation but Project Succeed made sure that I was ready to move down to the University of Wyoming. They made sure that I made all of the deadlines and made sure that I was able to get into all of my classes. I know that it would have been much harder for me to get ready for university life if it had not been for all of the help that I received from the TRiO program. Project Succeed was the most helpful program I was in for my two years at Northwest College.

Marisol Rodriquez
Marisol Rodriquez Photo Hometown: Cody, WY
Major: Criminal Justice, Sociology

How has Project Succeed helped you?

I was a non-traditional student at Northwest College and completed degrees in Criminal Justice and Sociology. My experience here at NWC has been unforgettable. I am very fortunate to have been part of Project Succeed during my time at NWC. Project Succeed has an excellent structure that helps students like me succeed and reach all of our goals. I am forever grateful to the Project Succeed staff for supporting me in my journey to success.

Brenton Nuttall
Brenton Nuttall Photo Hometown: Powell, WY
Major: Elementary Education

How has Project Succeed helped you?

I was skeptical about joining Project Succeed when it was first offered to me. I knew college took a lot of time, but I forgot how much. I was taking 17 credits and trying to take care of my family, so my time was very limited. I decided to join anyway and I am so glad I did. If I had a question I could go to them and if they couldn’t answer it they would find someone who could. I found out that the workshops they offered only made my time in college more efficient and equipped me with the tools necessary to make good choices throughout each semester. On top of all this they rewarded me with a grant that was greatly needed. The time that it took out of my day was so minimal in comparison to the benefits I received.

Travis Wells
Travis Wells Photo Hometown: Powell, WY
Major: Chemistry, Physics, Math and Engineering

How has Project Succeed helped you?

My college experience would not have been complete without Project Succeed.  It may have not been at all without the support and encouragement from this group of wonderful people.  During my first semester at NWC, I was quite, nervous, and avoided any attention that may be drawn toward me.  I ended up dropping out after that semester and returning almost five years later.  This is when I joined Project Succeed.  Almost immediately I was participating in events and meeting new people.  It really helped me find my niche. The support for anything was always there.  Didn't matter what it was.  If grades were slipping, if you needed help transferring to a new college, writing a resume, or just someone to talk to, they were always there.  And if Project Succeed couldn't help they had an endless list of people that could.  I left Northwest College a different person.  I was no longer afraid to speak up and voice my opinion, to help out others, or with what I was going to do with my college career.  The role that Project Succeed played in my time at NWC had a huge impact in my life, and for this I am thankful.  Thank you all!


Kasia Harvey
Kasia Harvey Photo Hometown: Hulett
Major: Sociology

How has Project Succeed helped you?

I started classes at Northwest College in the fall of 2007. Starting college and living on my own for the first time was very intimidating at times.  The entire Project Succeed staff welcomed me with open arms and made me feel confident in what I was doing so I could succeed.  They were always there when I needed help with school or just needed someone to talk to. They had open ears and were full of answers.  I loved when I would walk down to the bottom of Colter Hall, I was always welcomed with smiles and hugs. Being part of Project Succeed has given me a bright and positive outlook on my education.

Kristen Emery
Kristen Emery Photo Hometown: Powell
Major: Nursing

How has Project Succeed helped you?

After transferring to Northwest College, I felt lost in what I wanted for my future. When I joined Project Succeed, I was met with open arms and was given the encouragement and guidance that I needed. Before I even began the nursing program at NWC they assisted me in getting started with my bachelor’s degree in nursing. It was an intense process, and I know that I would not have been able to do it on my own. If that wasn’t enough, these amazing people set me up with an alumni nursing mentor who offered encouragement and advice about the real world of nursing. They even took me to meet my mentor in person and I got to tour the hospitals that he worked at, which really opened my eyes to all the opportunities out there. My success was made possible by this wonderful group of people.

Celia Bannan
Celia Bannan Photo Hometown: Cody
Major: English-Writing

How has Project Succeed helped you?

I would not have been able to graduate, had it not been for Project Succeed. I returned to college after an absence of nearly 30 years. My goal at that time was to finish an Associate of Arts degree in English: Writing. I had 30+ transfer credits from 3 other community colleges, so I only had 2 semesters of work to go to accomplish this goal. I was assisted financially by a Pell Grant, and other Northwest-specific grants. I got involved with Project Succeed because I qualified, and I thought I could use the workshops and advising they provided. I was not thinking about any additional financial support at that time, because my schooling and books were paid for, and I had a job that provided my room and board.

 My perspective on all this changed when, near the end of the Fall semester, I was diagnosed with a physical disability that precluded me from normal employment. I had to resign my job, and I did not know how I would support myself through the rest of the school year. Cindy, Lisa, and others helped me through this crisis, otherwise I might have quit school and moved back home (at age 49!). Thankfully, through my participation in Project Succeed, there were funds available to keep me in school, so I was able to graduate with an AA in the Spring of 2010. And I now have further goals, which were fostered by the support I received from Cindy, Lisa, and other faculty and advisors: I am going on to the University of Wyoming to finish a BA in English. I can honestly say I would never have considered this new path without the wonderful and caring support from everyone at Northwest. Thank you to all those at Project Succeed!

Scott Steiner
Scott Steiner Photo Hometown: Lovell, WY
Major: Range Management/Agroecology

How has Project Succeed helped you?


When I began classes at Northwest College, I had been out of high school for over 20 years, and even though I have had some classes over the years, I was not sure about going back to school full time as a single dad. It was a very big adjustment, but I got involved with Project Succeed during my first semester, and they were a tremendous asset to my success. During my time at Northwest, the staff of Project Succeed helped me get the help I needed with my studies, and gave me the support and encouragement to stick with it and complete two degrees. In 2008, I became a Peer Mentor for Project Succeed in order to assist other students in the same way that I was assisted in my college experience. I would not have had the success in college without their help, support and encouragement. My success is their success!

Jennifer Woods
Jennifer Woods Photo Hometown: Cody, WY
Major: Criminal Justice

How has Project Succeed helped you?


I started classes at Northwest College in the fall of 2006. Being a nontraditional student I was more than fearful.  It had been twenty years since I had been in a classroom.  Project Succeed held workshops that helped me with study skills and preparation for finals. They helped me arrange for tutoring when I needed it.  Project Succeed helped guide me in the direction needed for my chosen field of study by giving me information on social work.  When I began to look into transferring to the University of Wyoming, Project Succeed helped with the necessary steps needed for my transfer. They even arranged a trip for students to tour the campus. I am more than grateful to these amazing people for helping me through to graduation. My success is the result of the ladies who work in this great program.

Ashley Carter
Ashley Carter Photo Hometown: Upton, WY
Major: Engineering/Chemistry

How has Project Succeed helped you?

College is a new, sometimes terrifying experience for most of us. The entire Project Succeed staff welcomed me with open arms and made me feel confident in myself to succeed. Transferring after graduating Northwest has been a top priority for me, even before I had completed my first year at Powell, but I had no idea where to begin. However, with the on-on-one attention, care, and knowledge of the Project Succeed staff, I was able to visit my transfer college and get all of my materials put together before finals of my second fall semester. Each of the the Project Succeed staff has made such a wonderful impact on my life. They are a special group of people, who are an excellent asset to this college and all who have the pleasure of meeting them. I will truly miss them all.

Jeremiah Howe
Jeremiah Howe Photo Hometown: Star Valley, WY
Major: Graphic Design

How has Project Succeed helped you?

Project Succeed has some of the best people on their staff that truly cared about my needs during my journey through college. Whenever I had to go down to the office, I was met with smiling faces and a hug. They knew the questions to ask and always had the advice I needed for the moments I didn't have a clue what to do. A lot of my success through college was because I always had Project Succeed behind me as a support group in everything I aimed to achieve. I can't thank the staff at Project Succeed enough for all the encouragement they provided me with to grow so much during my time at Northwest College.