Big Horn Basin Food Summit


During the Summit we will be conducting a producer survey. To participate, please visit the staff  at the tables in the lobby near the restrooms. You will also be able to complete the survey online after the Summit.

Lovell Inc. has been awarded a USDA Grant to conduct the Big Horn Basin Food Hub Feasibility Study. The survey questions will focus on your specialty crop production capacity. The data is needed to conduct a proper Feasibility Study. The data will help to establish the current (and readily expandable to) specialty crop production capacity within the Big Horn Basin. We will analyze the data to determine the gaps in a farm to institution model. This analysis will also help to identify potential means to bridge those gaps to ensure the future success of a Big Horn Basin Food Hub. Hopefully, the Final Report will answer your questions in more detail and thus help you to determine whether joining the Big Horn Basin Food Hub in the future will be of benefit to you. The Final Report will be made available to the public.

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