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2012-13 to 2016-17 Strategic Plan

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Northwest College’s 2012-13 to 2016-17 Strategic Plan—the product of intense work by a faculty, staff and Trustee planning group—will further our mission and help guide the college.

Rather than a tactical guide, this bi-level plan is strategic. Our Institutional Imperatives state what Northwest College wants to become, while Strategic Goals focus on where NWC is going; achievement of these and future Strategic Goals will lead to meeting our Institutional Imperatives. At a third, tactical level are Operational Plans—actions which will lay out how we get there. Developed within each of the college’s units and updated annually, Operational Plans include descriptions of new and major ongoing activities, responsibilities and completion timelines.

Our mission statement says it well: Northwest College truly does offer "dynamic living and learning environments," and we dedicate ourselves to "individual student achievement, diversity, global citizenship, and community vitality." NWC's many qualities that advance student learning—from high quality personal instruction, to residential living on a beautiful campus, and more—are imbedded in our mission documents found in these pages. We're committed to achieving the plan's Institutional Imperatives within the context of our mission and with guidance from the Board of Trustees.


Stefani Hicswa

Office: ORB136
Phone: 307-754-6200

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